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A Vanishing Fog

A Vanishing Fog

HD 5.2 76 min  
�A Vanishing Fog� creates an emotionally deep mystical portrait of life�s end and beginning which are both born in the middle of life. The ancient sacred place Sumapaz P�ramo in Colombia is the world�s largest Alpine tundra ecosystem and a source of drinking water for the capital�s 11 million residents who have to admire the protected mountain range with its mercilessly harsh climate from a respectful distance. Sumapaz, left outside human activities and the boundaries of law, has become a criminal backroad, the last barricades of which mountain guard F defends with his father and other natives.
Country: Colombia , Czechia , Norway  
Genre: Drama , Mystery , Sci-Fi  
Release: 2021  
Director: Augusto Sandino  

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